With more than 70 years of research with development, testing, and manufacturing, Jet-Lube has developed a broad line of grease products for Industrial, MRO, Marine, Food Grade and OEM applications. These products include Anti-Seize Compounds, EP Greases, Thread and High Temperature Sealants, Lubricants, Anaerobics, Penetrants, General-Purpose Lubricants and Cleaners.

Every Jet-Lube product is meticulously researched, developed, manufactured and inspected to the industry’s most comprehensive and rigorous quality control standards. Jet-Lube is ISO 9001 Certified with facilities in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. Jet-Lube has earned its place as a worldwide leader in the lubrication industry.

Whatever your application, Jet-Lube has the right product to solve your lubrication needs. Through our experienced R&D lab, Jet-Lube has the ability to create customized products for unique conditions, environmental regulations, and to meet the toughest application requirements.

Since 1949, Jet-LubeR has accumulated extremely rich experience in R&D, testing and manufacturing.
Developed a rich series of products for the industrial field, MRO, military, marine, shipbuilding, food, processing industries and a large number of OEMs,Including anti-seize agent, extreme pressure grease, thread sealing grease, valve lubricating and sealing grease, advanced additives, anaerobic glue, penetrant, rust inhibitor, cleaning agent and high temperature and high pressure sealing agent.

Each Jet-Lube product has been carefully designed, developed and manufactured, and inspected in accordance with the most comprehensive and strict quality control standards in the industry.Jet-Lube is ISO 9001 certified and has factories in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.
Jet-Lube has won the position of the world leader in the lubrication industry with its superior quality and leading performance products.

No matter what your application is, Jet-Lube can provide appropriate products to meet your needs.Jet-Lube’s experienced R&D laboratory is also able to meet specific indicators and environmental regulationsCustomized research and development products for OEM, and meet the most demanding working environment.

Anti-seize & Thread

Thread Sealants

EP Greases

Lubricants for Open Gear and
Wire Rope Applications

Screw Fixing Glue

Coating Protective Agent
and Penetrant

Cleaners & Degreasers