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769 Lubricant® Lubricant & Penetrant – NSF H2

769 Lubricant® Lubricant & Penetrant – NSF H2

IN JET-LUBE, Coating protective agent and penetrant
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769 Lubricant® Lubricant & Penetrant – NSF H2


The leading multipurpose, penetrating, lubricating, moisture displacing and corrosion preventative product for use where salt water, salt spray or other harsh environments are present. 769 Lubricant gives total performance while being environmentally safe, easy to use and non-flammable. Lubricates: Contains ashless extreme pressure additives and highly refined lubricating oils that provide superior lubricating protection and antiwear properties. Penetrates: Rusted and frozen metal parts studs, nuts, screws, pins, linkages are easily loosened by means of superior creepability. Removes Moisture: Moisture is lifted and displaced rather than trapped. Pores and crevices of surfaces are freed from moisture and are coated with a thin non-greasy film that prevents additional moisture from clinging or entering. Prevents Rust & Corrosion: Thin film adheres to metallic surfaces, providing positive, temporary protection against the formation of rust and corrosion, including electrolytic and galvanic corrosion common in salt environments.


◆ NSF H-2 Registered
◆ Non-flammable
◆ Multipurpose
◆ Non-evaporating
◆ Contains no fluorocarbons
◆ Never hardens or dries out
◆ Contains no silicones


8 LB, 35 LB, 400 LB
12/case Aerosol – 12 OZ
12/case Trigger Sprayer – 16 OZ


Base Materials Clear Amber Fluid
Certifications NSF H2 Registered #137551 (Bulk), #137644 (Aerosol)
MIL-PRF-81309H (Aerosol) Type II & III, Class II, CO2 Grade MIL-PRF-81309H (Bulk) Type II & III, Class I MIL-C-16173E Grade 3 MIL-C-23411A VV-P-216B CID A-A-50493C Class B Type I