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FMG™ Food Machinery Grease (White) – NSF H1

FMG™ Food Machinery Grease (White) – NSF H1

IN JET-LUBE, EP Greases, Aluminum composite
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FMG™ Food Machinery Grease (White) – NSF H1


An aluminum complex grease lubricant of the USDA Authorized H-1 type. FMG meets and exceeds the requirements of CFR Title 21, Section 178.3570 of FDA Regulations. It is specifically designed for use in the food processing industry where it may have incidental food contact, and formulated to perform in a wide variety of operating conditions. FMG is extremely water-resistant and will remain in place even after frequent wash downs. Its polymer additives provide adhesive/cohesive strength to protect against pound-off when shock loads are encountered. Ideal for roller, needle, journal and plain bearings.

It is recommended for the lubrication of roller, needle, ball, journal, and sliding bearings in the food processing and handling industry.


◆ NSF H-1 Registered & Halal Certified – NLGI 2
◆ Extremely water-resistant
◆ Adhesive & cohesive strength
◆ Retards bacteria & fungus growth
◆ Anti-wear and polymer additives
◆ Non-pound out


14oz., 35LB, 120LB, 400LB


Base Materials Aluminum Complex / White & Synthetic Oils
Certifications NSF H1 Registered #048225 (NLGI 1), #048226 (NLGI 2), #131548 (NLGI 3)
Conforms to FDA Regulations CFR 21 Section 178.3570 for Incidental Food Contact
Service Rating 0°F to 400°F
-18°C to 204°C