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MP-50™ Moly Paste

MP-50™ Moly Paste

IN JET-LUBE, Lubricants for Open Gear and Wire Rope Applications
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MP-50™ Moly Paste


MP-50 is a non-melting, lubricating compound containing a high percentage of low-friction molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). Being a thick paste, it can be applied by brush or spatula. MP-50 has a performance range of -300°F (-185°C) to 750°F (400°C) for anti-seize applications. When employed in mechanical components not exposed to air, good lubrication results can be anticipated up to 2000°F (1090°C). Molybdenum Disulfide is nearly inert in operating conditions up to 600°F (315°C). If the grease vehicle should be squeezed out, disrupting normal lubrication, the moly disulfide remains to protect working surfaces. It assists in boundary lubrication by filling microscopic voids. MP-50 “plates” metal surfaces, reducing high points and increasing the load carrying area. It provides a low-friction shield to reduce bearing temperatures, protect working parts, prevent galling, seizure, stick-slip and heat-freeze. MP-50 adheres tenaciously to metal surfaces.

MP-50 may be applied directly to hot surfaces without running off or dripping. Conversely, it may be applied at temperatures as low as 0°F (-18°C). MP-50 is water resistant, withstands extreme weather elements, and helps prevent corrosion on parts exposed to water, steam, most acids and alkalis.


◆ Non-melting
◆ High-Temp >750°F (400°C)
◆ Prevents corrosion
◆ Water Resistant
◆ Contains high percentage MoS2
◆ Prevents Stick-Slip
◆ Lowers Friction


1 Pint, 2 Pint, 1 Gallon


Base Materials Organo Clay & MoS2 / Petroleum
Friction /
(Nut-Factor) – 0.105 – High Chrome Alloys @ 60,000 PSI Contact Stress
Service Rating -300°F to 750°F
-185°C to 400°C